How Does an Engine Water Pump Work?

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When an engine is started, the first thing it needs to do is to reach its optimal operating temperature. In the phase of operating, on the one hand it needs to maintain the most efficient operating temperature, on the other hand it must avoid overheating. This amazing process is made possible by circulating coolant through the engine and water pump.

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For electric water pump, before the engine reaches its operating temperature it will not work, so that the engine temperature can rise to the normal operating temperature as quickly as possible. Once the engine is at its operating

temperature and as combustion continues, the engine needs the water pump's support to keep its ideal temperature and prevent overheating. The water pump will circulate the coolant through the cooling system and dissipate the heat.


To enable this circulation, the control board will drive the impeller to spin and pump the coolant throughout the system, and the coolant will give off the absorbed heat. The heated coolant is pumped to the radiator, and cooled off by a cooling fan or by the air passing through the engine bay. The cooled liquid is then pumped back into the engine and repeats the same cycle over and over again.