Engine Water Pump components

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Engine Water Pump components

The water pump in the cooling system has a role in transport of coolant in the cooling system of internal combustion engines. Until it reaches operating temperature, coolant circulation takes place mainly in water channels in the cylinder head and block, and at this stage the pump has a role of mixing water. This provides steady heating of the vital parts of the engine until it reaches operating temperature which is defined by the engine manufacturer (about 80 C). When the operating temperature or the temperature of thermostat opening is reached, the pump performs extraction of cooled liquid from the cooler into the overall system. For motor vehicles and working machines with closed cabin, the function of the pump is transport of coolant to the heater (heat exchanger) cabin, i.e. inner space of the vehicle.

Engine Water pumps are usually centrifugal, which means they transport coolant by impeller with curved or straight blades, using centrifugal force. The choice of shape and size of the impeller depends primarily on the flow of coolant that has to be transported. The shape and design of suction and thrust spirals, which are usually integrated into the molded parts of pumps (cover or housing), have a special role in the overall utilization of the pump. Sealing system, the separation of working and drive side, is also very important function of which we must take special care in the construction and selection of the sealing. The most sophisticated sealing solutions are used in our pumps. Embedding system is a very important function, and the selection of bearings must be checked. Bearings must comply with the defined requirements of the structural documentation. Non sealing (leakage) of coolant from the drain hole usually occurs with pumps in operation, and the cause for this is the poor quality of the sealing elements in the sealing system. Because of this, and due to increasing water loss, coolant penetrates to the drive part of the water pump, which causes rinsing out of lubricating oil in bearings, and leads to its malfunction. Damaged rubber seal parts are very common due to use of coolant which by its characteristics does not fit the purpose. Such liquids are aggressive to the materials used in the axial-radial seals (rubber). It is recommended to only use fluids from recommended manufacturers and trusted brands for the purpose of cooling the engine.

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